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Macbook Jinx

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Some very unlucky guy had 6 DOA Macbooks.

Here's the summary of his story:

MacBook #1 (Black) - Ram Slot
MacBook #2 (White) - Ram Loose
MacBook #3 (White) - Left Speaker
MacBook #4 (White) - Gamma Values
MacBook #5 (Black) - HDD Died
MacBook #6 (Black) - Gamma Values

Here's the full story (it's a long one, but didn't you know that already?).

Still want to be a switcher? They've a few key questions that they want to ask you before you make with the big switch.

Okay. So, after you bought a few Macbook Pros and few iMacs, you wanna start a tech company and dabble in web design etc etc. Here's what you need to know to avoid (hopefully) a few mistakes done by most startups which is a reminder for me mostly.


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