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Intel CEO Makes Funny


Well, which one is it? "...more than 9 out of 10?" What does it mean, exactly? That Mister Otellini sure is one funny CEO. That excerpt of speech was taken from Intel's press release for its latest series of processors. Those Intel processor press releases are getting more and more interesting these days, particularly when you're fixing to switch to a higher level of computing experience.

Rule #1 of Photography: Rule of Third


I'm not sure if it's the #1 rule of photography, but it sure is worth knowing. After all, pictures are the best way to tell a story, or atleast it helps to. It starts at the office. I have a few photographers at the office and they all could take photos. Some of their pictures have depth of field; some managed to capture objects in motion with relative ease with bright and sharp colours/contrast. Amazing effort to produce such results.

But I'm puzzled as to why our photos aren't telling much of a story. It's lifeless. It doesn't make the viewer look twice at it. In short, it's dull. So I starting looking for answers in the effort to help these guys improve their photography. Not knowing what sort question to ask or who to pose it to (I don't have a digital SLR to play with everyday and I'm still a newbie at photography), it slipped in and out of my mind.

Until last weekend. After spending a few hours surfing the net for Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials, I found something no self-respecting photographer or designer should be without: the Rule of Third.

RoT is the archway of flow in design. From the human body (the definition of what we perceive as beautiful), to architecture, to art and even music.

Via thinktanc.

Blog context & Sony is creating one for Bravia


I'm pretty sure no one reads this blog. But, let me pretend that I have a few readers who reads these posts. And to them, I would like to extend an apology for not posting regularly. Being busy is a reason, but not an excuse. I'll try to post as much as possible (and within a suitable and clear context).

And speaking of context, Sony is creating for their Bravia campaign. It's... colourful, to say the least.

Found this through Adrants.

You think YouTube is cool? Think again. According a news report (surprise, surprise), YouTube reserves the right to sell that video you uploaded to their server at a profit. Anddd here I was thinking YouTube wasn't cool because it isn't HD.

Via Boing Boing

Edited: The next time you think that you just shot a cool video that should be seen net-wide, think again. And read the fine print after you're done thinking.

About the most powerful printing office print ad. Ever.


Found this particular print ad (no pun intended whatsoever) via a design blog. A short yet poetic, vastly powerful copy for - wait for it - a print shop. What's more interesting is that it was done 74 years ago by a woman named Beatrice Warde.

p/s: Yes, I'm changing to Georgia for body copy. Trebuchet shouldn't have been the choice of font for body copy. Newbie mistake.

People hate Flash. I knew this five years ago.


I have always suspected that Flash-only websites are difficult for casual users to navigate. Users have to download & install the correct version of plugins that, invariably is making their web experience a less than easy one (the math is simple: if it's not porn or a good chance to win a million bucks, people wouldn't be flocking to your site). After that, if they manage to install the correct version of said plugin, they have to wait for the Flash content to download. Try doing this on dial-up, see where it takes you. (For a faster net experience than dial-up, try Streamyx. But ask them how they define a 'fast' experience. Hint: We're still using copper cables.)

I'm not saying the consumer or end user is dumb. Far from it. I'm saying designers have to make sure that the browsing experience of a site they're diligently creating & maintaining, is an easy one.

Still don't believe that people hate Flash? Read a consumer survey results right here. The consumer is always right. And if David Ogilvy gets it right, she's your wife too.



Here's why your new logo won't work to save your sorry company (better to listen to us because we know what works for you).

That comes off a bit harsh innit? Apologies for harshing your mellow but that is part and parcel of the cruel reality in business. Read more here if you're offended.


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