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Well I haven't been posting anything new since December - I've been busy with the day job, settling down and now, I've picked up a DSLR.

Well, there's a first time for everyone. I'm having fun learning the camera - I used to handle to the D50 at the old office so, it's not my first time fiddling although I'm considering this as a business opp.

Awesomely inspiring retail story: Starbucks


Read it while having your cup of coffee.

Gist of what the brand is today:

1998 Howard Schultz had ample reason to be proud of what Starbucks had accomplished during his past 11 years as the company's CEO. The company had enjoyed phenomenal growth and become one of the great retailing stories of recent history by making exceptional coffee drinks and selling dark-roasted coffee beans and coffee-making equipment that would allow customers to brew an exceptional cup of coffee at home.

The Starbucks brand was regarded as one of the best known and most potent brand names in America and the company had firmly established itself as the dominant retailer, roaster, and brand of specialty coffee in North America. It already had over 1,500 stores in North America and the Pacific Rim and was opening new ones at a rate of more than one per day.

Sales in fiscal year 1997 were a record $967 million and profits reached an all-time high of $57.4 million. The company's closest competitor had fewer than 300 retail locations. And since going public in 1992, Starbucks has seen its stock price increase nearly ninefold.

Nice Mac shortcut #2: Load at login


Simply right-click on an app on the dock or - just see the screenshot.

Let's see - on Windows you right-click on an app, go to properties - you see 3 tabs - and about 6 buttons including 2 so-called advanced features. But you won't find anything remotely near the vicinity of a right-click on an app and tell it to load at login.

Anyway, this is what I did during a lunch hour earlier this week. All images are Apple's and tips were compiled by Scott Kelby. Enjoy.

On Windows, you press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. Then open a photo manager such as AcDSee or MSPaint and you paste the image. As far as I know, if you need to highlight or target a portion of the screen, you have to edit it yourself.

On a Mac, use the shortcut, select the portion that you want and it's pasted on your desktop. I wonder if a smart folder automatically import the screencaps on a Mac.

This site is very intriguing and has become more intriguing for me, at least after reading reports on faulty batteries, whining sounds, flaky paint on casing etc etc. Yes, the Macbook or Macs in general aren't physically perfect.

And, coming from a long history of using Windows (3.11, 95, 98 - upgraded to 98SE, Win2K and now XP Pro), I'd say that the transition is not entirely difficult. But it's not easy either as there's that learning curve (but isn't this compulsory to learn anything new?) - there's the smaller amount of software variety to choose from - then again, who needs a kajillion amount of software that does the same thing, such as burning a DVD? Nonetheless, a Mac is fun to use and easy (there goes that word again) on the eyes. When Apple uses this point as a selling point, it's true - I'm using a 20" Intel iMac 2.0Ghz for the last 4 months and it's only crashed once. Once in 4 months. Compared to my experience on Windows, that's pretty good stat to have.

Anyway, here's that guy who hates Macs. But he did this video on a Mac. Smell the irony.

Check out his site here and his 15 seconds of video fame here. No pictures for him.

Edit: Paul and Hunter isn't the same person. Post is about two different guys.


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