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What's the hal with the title la?


Well, I wanted something easy for the URL but blogger dude just don't seem to have what I was looking for. The last resort was to Google a few choice words that's catchy and easy to remember (Okay, it's not easy to remember).

Here's the explanation to the URL mystery. But if you can't view that, here's the meaning, just so you know that I'm not a cunning linguist:

"Transitus Fluvii is a Hebrew-derived alphabet created by mystics,
alchemists, and secret societies during the Middle Ages. It was used to
conjure spells, create amulets and as a code to avoid religious

There. Told 'ya. I couldn't come up with that even if my life depended on it.
Now, what does that got anything to do with the title, I don't know yet. But I know I'm going to find out. Soon.



I'm sure Keanu Reeves would say the same thing if he has a blog of his own (Does he?). I sighed a lungful of relief just seconds ago after successfully registering the url for this. Didn't have a clue as to how difficult it could be to a newbie to register one of this. Had to ask a couple of friends of mine (It's not in my nature to ask for directions since, well, I like to discover things on my own. But, when one is totally clueless, one must must seek answers from wise men.

I must admit that it took me a year to publish all this since, well, they're my thoughts and being as embarassed as a 7 year old who'd just wet his pants I thought, "Man, that happened 20 years ago. You know taking the first step is the hardest. But once the ball's rolling, it's gonna be fine". So now, I've got pants around my ankle. In public, no less.

Okay let's start this. One of the things that I wanted to write about was a recent major purchace: A 40GB iPod. I was going to write paragraph after paragraph of it, you know, singing praises for Apple. Then, seconds later, this happened while surfing at work, I found this quote:

It's immature to get too attached to an idea. - Alex Bogusky, Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Let it go, I thought. You are not what you own. This blog wasn't going to be talking about iPods and other flavors of mp3 players for that matter. This is going to be about me and my thoughts. But still, the iPod is mentioned. But this is my virgin post. Go easy on me. You know, it's difficult the first few rounds. You've been there, haven't you?


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