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To Each His Own Coke


That's a pretty nifty headline/title innit? Took two rewrites to come up with that one. Heh. Well, here's what was supposed to be on Update Tuesday this week.

If any of you McCann boys are reading this and decide to shoplift that headline for a critical presentation to the CD, better credit me. Because there's a special level of hell created for men who like to take advantage of underaged girls; people who talk in theaters in the middle of a movie; groupies and plagiarists. Whedon said that, so we know that carries a lot of weight, not to mention it goes well with a Coke.

Credits: Publicis, DK.

Portfolio worthy?


They say that when the inspiration strikes, do it.

Here it is.

Done on a Friday night. Posted 2 hours after it's done. VW ought to pay me for this.

The audience is intended for the Golf drivers age group, between 28 - 45 (roughly that is, according to an ad review I read a couple of years ago). The idea is to talk to these men whose eyeballs VW is aiming for using a simple message: a well known fact that the car is simply beautiful. That unlike other auto brands, you don't need a sexy a girl standing next to it to help VW to sell it, that sex, however omnipotent or omnipresent it is, simply isn't what these men are looking for when it comes to a Golf.

The car practically sells itself.

But if I need to tell you this, then you have no business being in advertising in the first place. Just kidding.

Art Director: Me.
Copywriter: Me.

Now that you know that I could art direct as well as I write, why don't you offer me a job. Because the place I'm working in right now, bombs.

Edit: The picture belongs to a magazine, it isn't mine. Just so you know that I don't steal copyrighted images for an immediate profit. I'd credit the owner and the mag, but I remember neither the photographer nor the mag. If you've seen the mag or know the photographer, tell them that I used the photo here.

Creative space


What do you do when people park on a sidewalk that's legally yours? The boys at Wieden Kennedy, London has the answer.

In a word, awesome.

If we do this locally, I wonder, will it get the
attention it deserves? Will the message reach its audience? Or will it be ignored by drivers who'll then park right on top of it?

Subaru tries to make a comeback, fails miserably again


It took them a bit of time, but snoring Subaru has replied to the CPB Fast/VW campaign. I don't think it'll persuade the fine young men about town to trade their Fast for a Subaru. Would you actually trade-in your Golf for a Subaru? Are you still taking your medication? Just kidding. It sure took them a bit of time, but better late than never, right? The operative word being: late.

Exactly where do you need to go from 0-60 in less than 5 seconds?

Via 3e Lab

VW switched to CPB a couple of months ago after being pimped for 10 years by Arnold, the agency behind their famous "Drivers Wanted" campaign.

A review of the Fast campaign at Business Week + they talk about the history of VW from an advertising/marketing POV.

See the 4 ads here. And please, don't download all the vids while you're at the office, the net is slow enough right now. If you like a couple of 'em, give me a blank CD-R and I'll burn the whole thing just for you. Because I like you. Okay, my people will talk to your people.


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