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A prelude to a another preemptive strike, perhaps?


American Claims Hurricane Katrina A Yakuza Act
American TV weather forecaster Scott Stephens claims his research leads him to believe The Japanese mafia could have generated Hurricane Katrina which ravaged the US gulf coast region 3 weeks ago. The motive is revenge for the American atomic bombing of Japan 60 years ago. This could have been done utilizing weather modification equipment procured from the USSR, a technology which was perfected in in the 1970's. The KPVI forecaster claims the cloud form of the storm was unatural leading him to consider the artificial origin. Stephens has been interviewed around 40 times on American radio regarding his theory as well as granting interviews in the Japanese press.


Yakuza? A weather version of WMD that they miserably failed to find in the Middle East? Aww... c'mon America, you can do better than this. Turn this into a movie and not on the homes of innocent millions. And W, frankly we're all a little too tired of watching your sorry ass speeches & diatribes.

Separating the wheat from the chaff


Got this bit of news from Roy (see my links section) today.
If you're a blogger or contemplating to become one, then you should be reading this little netizen nugget.

It's basically a list of the dos and don'ts in the world of blogging & as well as a PDF. Posted by Picasa

Scary thought of the day!


Somebody took a picture of a dust bin wrapped with a blue garbage plastic bag; this is the resulting picture.

It's scary to think that this could happen when (not if!) the fans start to include him in their sexual fantasies. On the other hand, this could be an ad for a condom. Take your pick. (Personally, I'd call it, "Swirl"; an alliteration of the word 'world' or 'whirl' etc, etc.) Posted by Picasa

Feel like a midget? Get a load of this!


Really tempted to use the phrase "eye of the storm" or "shit storm" somewhere in this post. So there (did you know that I always wanted to be a storm chaser? What you don't know about me I could just fill the Grand Canyon). God, I love a good storm.

Finally. After months of being sidetracked by work & personal shiite.. Now I can write again. First I have to think of something to write (which posed as much a problem for me as having an anus on your elbow, left or right, it doesn't matter). Andddd.. I just discovered today that I can instantly upload pictures without going through the hassle of registration and configuring the hosting server URLs on this blog. I'm going to go nuts over this neat feature. Upcoming purchase: A digital camera made in Cheapistan!

Feature art: "Lover" by Mary Frank (thanks Nina!).


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