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Someone named Paul hates the Mac

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This site is very intriguing and has become more intriguing for me, at least after reading reports on faulty batteries, whining sounds, flaky paint on casing etc etc. Yes, the Macbook or Macs in general aren't physically perfect.

And, coming from a long history of using Windows (3.11, 95, 98 - upgraded to 98SE, Win2K and now XP Pro), I'd say that the transition is not entirely difficult. But it's not easy either as there's that learning curve (but isn't this compulsory to learn anything new?) - there's the smaller amount of software variety to choose from - then again, who needs a kajillion amount of software that does the same thing, such as burning a DVD? Nonetheless, a Mac is fun to use and easy (there goes that word again) on the eyes. When Apple uses this point as a selling point, it's true - I'm using a 20" Intel iMac 2.0Ghz for the last 4 months and it's only crashed once. Once in 4 months. Compared to my experience on Windows, that's pretty good stat to have.

Anyway, here's that guy who hates Macs. But he did this video on a Mac. Smell the irony.

Check out his site here and his 15 seconds of video fame here. No pictures for him.

Edit: Paul and Hunter isn't the same person. Post is about two different guys.

11 Responses to “Someone named Paul hates the Mac”

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